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border collie mix Megan

Anthony and Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Ginny

red and white border collie face

young boy showing off his foot

Rocky the Malinterrier

Alicia Marie

Susan and Rico

Steve and Otto


Awesome! I'm saving a prime spot on my new wall for the big one :-) Stephanie

Thanks, Nicole. These are fabulous. So glad I had them done. She already looks so different from when they were taken : ) Sharing on FB in a few minutes because they are gorgeous and everyone should see them. Debbie

I received the photos yesterday and they are BEAUTIFUL!!! The color is so vibrant! Thanks so much for capturing my girls, especially my heart dog, Heidi! I miss running with her so the glory run was extra special! Mary

Can't wait to frame the print. You do *beautiful* work, so glad you are still coming to the trials. Warm wishes, Melissa

Thanks for the great photo, Nicole! I was so excited when I got it last night that I e-mailed it to a lot of my non agility friends who are older and don't do Facebook. They loved the photo and couldn't believe we looked as good as we did at the end of a long day of agility. I told them it was Nicole's magic! Shirley

WOW, WOW, WOW. What beautiful pictures. Thanks so much for your time. I had a blast. Pat

Nicole, these are not just photographs, they are art! As if I touched them I could feel Bubba's lovely fur, and the warmth of Vreddy. No more paintings around here, we have this. Mary

Hi Nicole!! I was being patient knowing you are extremely busy but I can’t thank you enough for sending these out!!! It’s been a good birthday week and this just tops it off! I appreciate you making me look a little younger too. The photos are terrific (as usual) but these are really special, especially given my worries over Khaos this year. I personally have probably taken 1000 photos of the dogs, and of course have agility photos, but I don’t have one of me with both of them…until now. You captured a great moment in time for me – thank you so much! Kathleen

Just LOVE this Nicole!!! I really needed something good to happen today and this was just the thing to lift my spirits! Your work never disappoints! It's already on Facebook :-) Lis

Dear Nicole, I am so impressed with this project. I know so many of the dogs and the people and can't believe how wonderfully you were able to capture the uniqueness of the person and their dog. Each picture tells such a unique story and I now see my agility friends in a different way than I saw them before. Thanks for sharing this unique endeavor. P.S. my husband has always admired your work of our dogs, but he was really impressed with this project. He thinks it should be published. Helen

Oh my gosh, Nicole, the photographs have arrived and we are so very pleased. Your ability to “see” just the right moment is both a gift and a skill. We will treasure our pictures of our girls always. I wish I had 100 walls to display all of Pepper and Abby’s outdoor adventures with you. Suzy and Jim

I just got the prints in the mail, I wasn't leaving the house until the mailman came today. Nicole, they came out awesome in print. It was easier said then done capturing some of these photos in your studio. You are a true professional & artist. Bob

Thanks Nicole! These are great! And we had a fun time. Thanks for being so nice to my dad and getting some great shots of him. He was reluctant to come, but he's so pleased at how the photos turned out.

Thanks Nicole! These are great shots. I love the composition!! You do great work....its very artistic not just another picture. Thanks for taking the time and getting these to me so quickly :) Frank

I love your superior work, Nicole. You took the very first picture of Dillon, took his MACH photo and many others. I would grab your photos before my wedding album if I had to leave in a hurry. Isabelle

You have created a wonderful reputation for fabulous pictures and great service for being VERY accomodating with special requests. And your montages are to DIE for!!! Each one is a little gem, capturing the look and feel of a particular day ... and, spread all over my wall without frames, they really vibrate with the memories and activities of those days and the fun the dogs and I had. Rebecca

Nicole, thank you. It has been great working with you. And a great start on my Christmas shopping. Sandi

Nicole, WOW what a great job, I love the picture. I have it hanging in my living room. Thanks for you time, skill and support. Susie

I wanted to thank you again for the amazing job you did with Sky and I yesterday. The photos are truly works of art. I am blown away!! Raquel

Love them! You caught sweet puppy, serious boy, contemplative boy, running boy, and evil biting puppy all within a couple of hours! Amy

Hi Nicole,I REALLY LOOOVVVEEEE this picture!!!!!!! You’ve done a fantastic job on it, I wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you sooooo much! You’re going to make some Shadow fans very very happy this Christmas! Thank you again, it’s always wonderful to work with you, and you do such AWESOME work! Laurie (with smooches from Shadow!)

They came! So beautiful.You did just a superb job. Thanks so much. I have looked at them over and over....They will be inheritable! Love, Percy

The pictures arrived today. As always, they are the BEST! Andrea

Dear Nicole, I want to take this time to thank you for having taken the photos of my greyhound Sandee. Sadly I lost her at 12:45 this morning, but I at least have those beautiful photos that you had taken of her with me in December. I will always treasure those photos. Regards, Karen

Hi Nicole, I saw the photos from your website for this saturday and your photos are absolutely STUNNING! They're not just photos of dogs doing agility. You really capture the essence of the dogs and handlers through your photos. Rubina

Nicole, I have a lot of pictures of Blitz doing agility, but none that show how much I love the little guy. Thanks so much for taking this. Arlene

That big picture I got from you -- it gets so many compliments. People recognize the expertise in the photography. Kimberly :)

Hi Nicole, Some friends, who were not there, said by viewing all the pictures you took, it made them feel like they were there!!! All The Best, Nancy

Nicole--I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude for taking the photos of Max at the Keystone Agility event last November. I had wanted to wait until April and do the whole gang but you suggested that we go ahead and shoot him. I am so grateful to you for doing that. He went peacefully to the bridge last night after losing the cancer fight. He gave me two years and 10 months after being diagnosed with osteo. The photos will be a reminder of better days. Thanks, Tammy

Got the pictures, they look awesome!!!!! Thanks, Renée

Both Justin and I are so impressed with your calm aura; I think even Baxter was impressed! Best - Janice

Hi Nicole, I finally got around to going to the post office yesterday and I was well rewarded by finding your photos there!! I'm so happy with them, they are all perfect. I'm glad I got the ones I did because I still can't choose which I like best! Rebecca

Nicole --The montage is beautiful. Thanks. Georgine

Dearest Nicole, My Mom and I thank you for making me your cover girl--it is a wonderful picture and shows your expertise as a professional and my good looks as a trained terrier--any time you want me to pose for you, I will be there. Lick Lick Lick Pearlie

Many thanks. This is my favorite photo of Swix. Lynne

Hi Nicole, My photos arrived here on Monday and they beautiful. You did a wonderful job of lining up the two table shots of Barbara. I love the shot of Fancy Pants on the dog walk. You sure captured that tongue perfectly. Thank you so much. Sincerely, Karen

Nicole! You rock! I got the photos & they are EXCELLENT. And just in time. My parents will really be happy. Thanks so much, Beth

I'll never forget the day we met -- Nick and I had done so well and I just wanted a quick snapshot of him with his ribbons -- instead I got the most gorgeous images. I loved them then, and after losing Nick so young I thank my lucky stars I just happened to ask you if you would take our picture. Susan

Hi Nicole! Thank you again for both your patience and the amazing pictures that you took today of me and my puppies!! I am so excited to get them and can't believe how beautiful they are! Tracey

Everyone loves Bella's holiday card, so many compliments, thanks again for helping me choose the photo. Melanie

Want to add my congrats and thanks to Nicole. You have taken so many awesome pics of Soren over the past few years, and captured so many of my favorite memories. This was an amazing shot and I am so excited for you that it was selected for the cover!! A well deserved honor. And of course a thrill for me to see Soren's cute face leaping off the cover at me. Deb

Recieved your disc of Skye and Jed -- all I can say is awesome. You have such a great eye. Thank you so much. Laura

Hi Nicole, the photos of Brimmie arrived today. They are absolutely beautiful. What a great job. The one of Brimmie jumping over the bar jump looks like a magazine cover shot. Should be on Clean Run or Dog Sport Magazine for sure. And not because it's my dog......the photo is just that great. We have to get together and do a portrait. Thanks again, Cheryl

Nicole, It is perfect. You know just what to do. Send it on over. Thank you, Cindy

Hi, Nicole, I just wanted to email you and tell how much I love Blue's picture from the Staten Island show! You did such a great job with him! I appreciated the time you took to pose him and get the right expression on his face. I have shown it to many people and have received many compliments about it. Thanks so much for everything. Kelli