Self-portrait of me, Heist, and Ruse

Self-portrait of me, my tervuren Heist, and my standard poodle Ruse

Capturing your passion is my passion

Even though I've been making photos for as long as I can remember, it still amazes me there's something called a camera that can isolate moments in time and preserve them for unlimited reflection, enjoyment, and enlightenment. I'm passionate about creating images that celebrate what's unique about each subject, whether it's a child, artist, CEO, apple orchard, or dance school.

After earning a B. A. in English from DePaul and NYU and spending a decade working for Doubleday Books, Microsoft, and barnesandnoble.com in editorial and marketing positions, the purchase of a digital camera changed my course: The instant feedback and exciting possibilities of the new medium pulled me onto a new path and I was soon studying at the International Center of Photography in Manhattan. I devoted myself to photography full-time in 2005.

One of my specialties is photographing the wonderful world of dogs -- their goofiness, sensuality, amazing prowess, and devotion. The knowledge and experience I've gained training my own dogs and competing at the highest levels in agility is a big benefit for my dog photography customers who rely on me to capture their dogs' personalities and athleticism.

I also relish working with fellow business owners and commercial clients and using my eye and marketing experience to help them grow their businesses.

My work is published in magazines, used in ads and product packaging, and displayed on the walls and Web sites of happy customers throughout New York, New Jersey, the Northeast, and Mid-Atlantic.